Working Smart: Ways To Look After Yourself

The need to work, need no introductions. We all share the common reasons to be in the rat race. Starting with simple survival; climbing the corporate ladder; dreaming bigger and better, to establish ourselves. With each day, we tend to spend more hours at work. But is all hard work considered as productive work? Working hard does not always equal to being productive. However, working smart does. To Work smart is to reach your goals in the best possible way whilst enjoying both your life and work. Here are a few ways to ensure you live to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Eating the right food

Eating three large meals a day is notnecessarily considered the best option any more, because of the kinds of life styles we lead. Your food intake should ideally change to suit the kind of life style you lead. If you spend long hours at your computer then consider taking several lighter meals. Keep it healthy and clean. Drinking unending cups of coffee and energy drinks would not really help your body either. When you intake caffeine so often and in large quantities, your body adjusts and stops responding and would not give that boost you are looking for. And all those energy drinks are loaded with sugar that you really do not need to have in your system. Instead rely on good old water. And make sure you drink lots of it. Water carries most of the minerals and even calcium that our body need, and no harm in taking lots of it either.

Taking care of your body

Eating the right food alone will not help in taking care of your body. How you sit at your table; the height of your chair, the distance between your laptop and your eyes, and if it is at the correct eye level, where your keyboard is, all of it and more can affect your body. Consider ergonomic solutions for your office furniture and even the surroundings. Also, do not wait for a horrible shoulder, spine or neck pain to seek treatment. Instead, why not pay a visit to a chiropractors in Canning Vale every now and again and get some looking after before an injury occurs.

Organize your to-do lists

Whenever you consider task completion, consider how urgent it is, or if it must be done by you, can you achieve it while working on another task, etc. Be smart when you line-up work. Not all needs to be attended by you and not all work is important and need to be completed by yesterday.

Take breaks

Our brain capacity is beyond understanding. However, if we over tax it, we will never be able to achieve even that 10 percent that a normal person should be able to achieve.

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