What Do You Need To Know About A Colonoscopy?

The colon is the lowest part of the abdomen which is also called lower intestine which helps in digesting food, absorbing nutrients and disposing of food. The food is disposed of through anus which is connected to the lower intestine with the help of rectum.

How colonoscopy is done

Colonoscopy is done to investigate several diseases that occur in your lower intestine or colon. The colonoscopists insert a thin camera in your lower intestine through your anus which allows them to look out for the abnormalities and diseases in your colon.

The purpose of a colonoscopy

The purpose of a colonoscopy is to look out for diseases pertaining to colon and the purpose of looking out for such diseases is to know the actual reason for discomfort in your colon and then the treatment is done accordingly. Moreover, colonoscopy is not only done to look out for the diseases, but it is also done to remove abnormalities in the colon such as polyps. Many people suffer from colon cancer, to monitor the colon cancer, colonoscopy is done.

Side Effects of a colonoscopy

There are many benefits of a colonoscopy but there are some side effects too which are temporary. One of the side effects of a colonoscopy is bleeding if the patient has gone through a biopsy. Another side effect would be tranquilization which means you go to sedation for some time.

Preparation for a colonoscopy

If you are going for a colonoscopy, make sure to visit your doctor first and act upon his instructions. Usually, the preparation for a colonoscopy includes having liquid 72 hours before the colonoscopy is done, and no solid food is recommended before it. The liquids may include juice without pulp, tea or coffee, gelatine etc. These are the common and necessary precaution for a colonoscopy. If you want to learn more about the preparation, then it is best to have a detailed talk with your doctor, he will instruct you in the best possible manner.

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