Tips On Keeping Your First-aid Box Accident Ready

Card! More often than not, gift get used and thrown away before the baby can even walk and talk; let alone remember. If your gift receiving baby is special, like a niece, nephew, or the child of a best friend, then you’d probably want them to know you’ve had their back since day one. And since birthday cards, especially those of children are hardly thrown away, getting them a birthday card to go with the gift will be a great idea for this…We al have at least one family member who is prone to accidents. It may be a less coordinated child; always tripping or scraping themselves. Or even an elderly person who makes cooking a rollercoaster ride. It may even be you! Either way, it’s always a smart move to keep your first aid supplies always accident ready. But how do you do so? Here’s what our experts have to say on that…

  • Check it through at least once a month – most of us are guilty of forgetting all about our first-aid boxes/cabinets and emergency supplies…at least until we actually have need for it. As a result, this inevitably results in us not having the proper emergency necessities at hand. To avoid this happening, allocate a date for each month to check with your first-aid supplies. Especially pay attention to pain killers and topical balms, as they tend to use up without us noticing.

  • Clear out the expired; and the nearly expired – if there’s one other thing most of us are guilty of, it’s not paying attention to the expiry dates of our medicines. This is especially true for those long term medicines and topical balms. To avoid making your injuries worse, always check the expiry date before applying or consuming any medicine. It’s also a great idea to check your medicines once in a while and clear or and replace those that are both close to expiry, and already expired.
  • Give it a few upgrades – make sure to give your first-aid supplies an upgrade once in a while to ensure it is accident ready. From a forehead thermometer to an ordinary digital thermometer, make sure it’s of the best quality; and that you give it the proper care that ensures its long shelf life.
  • Have a specific place for it – have a specific place for your first-aid supplies so that you can find it even in your most chaotic and panicked moments. Things like a blood pressure checker and other good health appliances too should have a specific place. Be sure to inform everyone responsible enough about its where about; so everyone has access to it even when you’re not around.
  • Make sure it can be reached by everyone – don’t make the mistake of hiding your first-aid box or placing it somewhere impossible to reach; as this can be dangerous during an emergency. Don’t forget that there may be an instant when you’d be the one injured; and your children may have to fetch your supplies for you. Be mindful to leave it out of reach for very young children, but not so with older and more responsible kids.