The Love Of Parents Is Abundant

Let’s face it, the roles of a friend, family, teacher and parent play an important part and influence any individual’s life. They play an important role in shaping who and what the individual’s likes and interest become and who he becomes as a whole. Out of all the people, parents have a special place in our heart and lives. They play the most crucial part and the most influencing factor in an individual’s life. They teach that nothing is more important than love and they don’t just say it but they show it. If we have a fight with our friends our parents are the first to say, “Go up to him, and tell him you are sorry even if it’s not your fault.” Such instructions make the individual who they are and what they do when the go out in to the society.

The first teachers we have in our life are our parents. They help to learn the basic of life, from walking to eating to speaking. When children grow up in to their teens there is no one better to go to for advices about life other than our parents. It’s a parent’s tendency to sacrifice for their children and do everything possible for them. It’s no secret that our parents and their love and sacrifice are great without a doubt but the question is how are we treating them back?

It’s a sad sight to see parents in an aged care nursing home or living away from their children. What we as children forget is the even parents need love. They need to be cared for when they become weak and fragile and sacrifice for them.

There are some genuine reasons why a parent could be in such a place, maybe the children have gone abroad and waiting to settle there before bringing their parents. Or health conditions, sometimes it’s easier to treat them than when they are at home. For such cases, I believe it is okay to contact an aged care agency that deliver supports for elderly but not having time or you feel disgusted in looking after your parents will never be a reason.

Once our parents get old, they become more careful and tend to not try new things. As the modern world is changing we need to keep up with the trends. We as children who would have grown up to have a sound mind should also be able to understand and adapt. We need to take our parents advices and caution but in the meantime grow and understand this world and explain the new concepts of life to our parents without complaining or pushing them off just like they did to us so that no one is left behind.

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