Smiling Is Contagious

The modern world, it is changing every day every second. It’s so fast that we miss out on a lot of things in life. Smiling is a small little thing that we all forget about when world changes, a powerful message could sent to someone who is feeling down and lonely. Too much work, traffic on the road and you were late are not reasons for you to be grumpy and not smiling at the security guard in your office. How much of a bad day you are having. Just make sure you come and smile. It sometimes will help you forget about your bad day and look forward to making the rest of your day good.

Every little creatures smile at each other. Knowing all the good things that a smile can bring to both you and the people around. We all are still too shy to smile at anyone. Why are you too shy or too afraid to smile, when all the obvious good that it bears? Are you having bad teeth? Then visit the dental clinic.

Get an appointment with a good orthodontic. Are you afraid of talking to strangers? Get to know them more. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever that one should not smile.

Smiling makes you attractive. If you think I’m lying answer the following question. Why do people smile when they take photographs? Is to look grumpier or more attractive? Smiling not only helps you look nice but also help you pump up those face muscles. Smiling is an exercise. You can say you exercise every day to your friends. 

We as humans have the tendency to be lazy. We want to use the least amount of effort to do something. Well, you are lucky. It takes less facial muscles and it’s a lot easier to smile than doing the opposite of smiling and the more you smile the stronger your smiling muscles become than your frowning muscles. Do you know what happens when the muscles in your face become stronger? You can smile more easily and more often.

Everyone around us have problems, we all have hardships and issues. Everyone who walks by you have their own problems. Maybe they don’t even have anyone to turn to. Smile at them. At least they will smile because of you despite their problems. Small things can lead to big changes in their life. Smiling is contagious, your smile will be passed to another and it keeps going hopefully long enough to keep a community happy.