Moving Town: Some Things To Keep In Mind

Moving to a new town can be both exciting and stressful for the whole family. The kids will be shifting schools and leaving their friends behind. This could be a tough and sometimes chaotic time in all of your lives and you need to keep in mind that it may take some time to fall back into a routine that will make your lives easier. On top of making new friends, moving to a new school and upheaving your lives, there are a few other changes that will need to be organised early on to ensure that everything runs smoothly once the move takes place.

School transcripts

If your kids are moving to a new school, things may run a little different to how they were at their previous school. Arrange to visit with the kids before you move so that they can have a look around. Ideally, try to organize things so that they start at the beginning of a school year as opposed to the middle – it may make transitioning easier. Speak to the principal about school transcripts and the compatibility of your child’s grades and class credits. If they are on par with the class that he or she will be placed in, then that too will make things easier. You will also need to ensure that the transcripts are transferred early on, to make sure that your child is back in class as soon as possible.

Doctors’ visits

If you are moving a fair distance from where you used to live then you may have to find yourself and your family a new doctor – ask for recommended general practitioners in your area – and make sure that you set up an early appointment with him. Once again you may need to make copies of all your medical files and hand them over to his office. You will also need to find a new dentist in Geelong.

Ask neighbours and other parents in your area for a great kid friendly dentist that keep your smile brighter – you do not want your kids to dread those visits! You will also want to register with your local hospital in case of an emergency and sort out all your prescription medicines as soon as possible ask your current doctor for a letter or to recommend a consultation with a doctor in your new town.

Household amenities

Before you make the move make sure that your new home has running water, electricity and gas. You will want to settle in as soon as possible so call your service providers well ahead of time. If all these things are taken care of early, then moving in will be much less stressful for you and your family.

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