How To Reduce Back Pain During Pregnancy

As your belly grows, you are probably going to be experiencing a lot more back pain. This is because as your body changes, so does your body processes. For instance, you will be experiencing a change in your centre of gravity. Your hormones are also causing the ligaments in the joints in your pelvis to relax. All of this and more can contribute to discomfort in your back.

Thankfully, you do not have to deal with this pain as there are several things you can do to reduce it. This means changing your posture, getting the right support, and having pregnancy massage in Perth. Here is how to include this in your daily life:

Improve Your Posture

Many people have bad posture throughout their lives. This becomes more pronounced, however, during pregnancy. This can, in turn, lead to physical ailments. As your belly grows bigger, there is a change in the centre of your gravity – it shifts forward. Thus, in an attempt to prevent yourself from falling forwards, you tend to lean back. This, however, causes an increase in tension to your back muscles. This strain can result in pain. To overcome this, you need to remember to stand straight with your shoulders back and relaxed. You should also hold your chest high and make sure that you are not locking your knees. Once you get used to it, the posture will feel more natural.

Get a Massage

Your poor back muscles are undergoing a great deal of tension and strain. In order to offset this effect, you should try pregnancy massage therapy. This is a great way to make sure that you sore muscles get the attention that they need. Also, by getting a massage you can make sure that you are eliminating pain before it becomes a problem. Depending on your level of pain and stress, you may want to get this done more often.

Increase Support

Being an expectant mother means that you are going to have to get used to new footwear. It is important that you ditch your heels in favour of more supportive shoes. It is best to ensure that your footwear is low heeled. This means that there is less strain on your back. Get footwear that is particularly good at providing arch support. Furthermore, you can also opt for a maternity support belt. This may help in counteracting the effects of your growing belly.

In addition to these solutions, you should also make sure that you are sleeping on your side. You should also stay away from lifting heavy objects or doing other hard, manual labour.