Get To Know The Ballaratians


If you live in Victoria you have probably heard of Ballarat. It is a wonderful city located approximately 105 kilometres west-north- west of Melbourne, on the Yarrowee River in the state of Victoria Australia. It has a lot of history and a lot of things to see, so if you are a person planning on travelling this holiday season, let us tell you what Ballarat has on offer for you so that you can visit this wonderful city and experience the lifestyle and the tourist attractions of the region.

Why are they Popular?

The city is home to a lot of history, dating back to the Victorian era, followed by the Victorian gold rush. It is also said to be the hometown to the birth of democracy in Australia, adding to its attraction. However, by today Ballarat has transformed into a major settlement, which has transformed into a city with a strong economy, especially in the services sector. The gold mines are very popular for their economic contributions. Their services sector is of major importance for the region, with businesses including tourism, hospitality, professional services, and retail industry dominating the city. They have excellent healthcare services as well. For instance, if your family dentist is unavailable, we assure you that the dentist in Ballarat is of excellent quality and will be able to assist you in any of your dental needs while travelling. In addition, the city boasts of several large scale malls that would cater to any of your shopping needs.

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Tourism and Places to Visit

Owing to is history, Ballarat has a significant heritage tourism industry, which may interest you if you like the mesmerizing world of history. You can obtain a Ballarat pass and start your tour, starting from the Sovereign Hill, where you can spend the whole day. Its theme and inspiration stems from the historic gold rush mentioned above and it comes complete with many activities you can take part in. Entry to Sovereign Hill will also give you a pass to enter the Gold museum where you can experience the history of Ballarat and a magnificent display of gold.

By night, Sovereign Hill offers a theatrical show to keep you entertained and there is comfortable accommodation available on the site itself for you. Ballarat also has a large wildlife park, which is sure to keep you in good spirits during your travel. Native Australian wildlife is proudly preserved in the park and your kids can closely interact with koala bears, kangaroos, crocodiles etc. The park comes complete with a coffee shop and a shop to buy souvenirs.