Facts About ACL Injury And Related Treatment For A Sports Person

Sports is a rewarding activity in many ways. It helps you stay fit and active, it keeps you energetic and it helps increase your stamina. And regular sport activities keep the body fit prolonging any diseases and illnesses. Sports is also helpful for mental well-being apart from physical health. Regular sports activities keep stress and depression away, help you develop your focus, reduce anxiety and improve concentration. These are some of the advantages of pursuing a sport regularly.

However, sports is an activity that is found to be hand in glove with injuries. Falls, bruises and small injuries are part and parcel of the game. However, sometimes some falls or injuries can be more serious and brutal. For example, foot injury is a common occurrence for sports, such as football and soccer. One such serious injury caused by a sport or by some strenuous physical activity is ACL or anterior cruciate ligament injury. This injury is usually caused by jumping, sudden stopping or changing the direction in activities, such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, football, tennis, gymnastics and skiing in the downward direction. Visit this link https://www.adelaideorthosports.com.au/our-surgeons/dr-peter-stavrou/ for more info on foot injury Adelaide.

The ACL injury refers to a tear in the ACL ligament, which is one of the vital ligaments of the knee. It is a crucial and important ligament because it helps to keep the tibia bone, better known as the shin area, in its place. When the injury occurs a ‘pop’ sound indicating the tear is usually felt or heard and is accompanied by swelling, and severe pain. This ACL injury can either be treated via rest, rehabilitation, exercises or by carrying out an acl reconstruction surgery, all depending on the severity of the injury.

Details of the acl injury reconstruction surgery

The surgery is performed to repair and replace the torn acl ligament thus helping you carry out day-to-day functions as before. The tissue or autograft/allograft used to replace the torn ligament is either taken from the patient itself or from a donor. The surgery is usually performed under complete or partial anesthesia. The procedure followed to carry out the reconstruction surgery uses knee arthroscopy.

Is the reconstruction surgery necessary?

It has been found that avoiding the surgery for reconstruction of acl ligament can lead to unstable and unsteady knees that give way even while performing normal activities. Also, the pain from the tear will have to be borne along with the inability to participate in further sport activities. The injury if left as it is can also develop into further tearing of other ligaments as well as meniscus injury. Therefore if physicians feel the need for a reconstruction surgery, it is recommended to go for it. In fact, qualified surgeons and good surgical techniques used can ensure greater stability for the knee, with negligible complications post surgery.