Everything You Need To Know About Skin Treatments And ESUs

The principles that are true for a normal procedure that uses ESU is also true for that of the skin. The procedure will use a piece of electric equipment which will cut, dry and form blood clots as well as removes tissue during the process. Skin specialists use ESUs almost on a day to day basis because of the ease, the accessibility and the easy recovery plus great results it gives patients. Most of these procedures are also carried out without needing assistants and only with local anesthesia.

There are also the usual perks of the ESUs which have greater significance when it comes to the skin such as minimal chances of scarring, fewer or no complications, very little bleeding and a rapid recovery phase because of the clean surgery.

Removing lesions in the skin
The use of dermatology tools in the in the field of ESU is a very developed one. It has been accepted that cauterization and curettage by the use of ESUs are the best methods of extracting the majority of lesions in the skin. Curettage refers to the practice of scraping the lesion off of the skin and then have the sample sent across for pathology to be tested.

Cauterization is the process where the tissue is made to coagulate and the bleeding is thereby stopped while also removing any unwelcome or foreign tissues and cells that may be present. There are several types of lesions in the skin that can be taken away by the help of ESUs. Some of them include; benign moles, warts, skin tags, cancerous basal cells lesions which are less than 0.2 inches, cancerous squamous cell lesions and other common lesions of the skin.

Treating pyogenic granulomas and angiomas
The use of electrosurgery equipment in skin operations is the best for removing hemangioma formations and pyogenic granulomas as well. This is mostly because both these types of lesions have a very vascular characteristic and tend to bleed quite easily. With ESUs the raised areas of the formations can be shaved away. Then the entire area is cauterized or coagulated.

Therefore, most often than not, there is no blood loss. If there happens to be any, it is a very minimal amount. For more information please check out https://www.teammed.com.au

Scar revision in patients
The biggest advantage of ESUs in sin operations is that the scar revision process in which an unnecessary or bothering tissue is taken away happens without the specialist having to cause the skin itself to go through trauma. The area is also made to coagulate in order to stop or minimize any blood loss. The surrounding tissue in the area of the procedure can be left untouched thanks to the technology toddy.

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