Chronic Pain Management Clinics And Use Of Hypnotherapy

Chronic pain is any sort of pain that is ongoing and lasts for a considerable period of time. An acute pain in contrast is a sudden (typically more severe) pain that notifies us of something that requires immediate action. It may start from an initial injury, or maybe an ongoing sickness. Or it could be some kind of an infection or it can be side effect pain of a disease like Cancer, Parkinson and Arthritis. It has not figured out whether all of these diseases linked share a common cause. It can refer to any type of pain where there is no clear reason to be found as to why it occurs.

How is development of technology affecting you?

This is a one aspect of medicine which have been improved through several technological advancements.  Because of these improvements, even the chronic pain management clinics in developing continents have begun to use new technology in the field of pain imaging, pain evaluation and intervention for management of chronic pain.   

To diagnose and treat a patient who is suffering from a chronic pain requires the participation few specialists. If the pain is extremely hard and cannot be stopped, several combinations of therapies are used as part of the chronic pain management plan to reduce the pain and depression as well as to enhance his physical functions and make him or her comfortable.

Types of medications

Different medications are used to treat different patients. It can go on from NSAIDS for pain that is not too extreme to use of drugs for more severe pain. One of the common techniques to manage chronic pain in clinics is physical therapy. It is mainly about training the patient to improve the flexibility of his or her muscles, endurance and strength to move in a way that is safe and most importantly to bear the pain. Therapeutic exercise is one of the key aspects of physical therapy.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is another important technique used in management of chronic pain. This technique uses a low voltage electric current on patients who are mainly suffering from arthritis.


However there are instances where people suffer from physical pain where there is no evidence of previous injuries or damages to the nervous system with counselling at Woolloongabba. Pain is there for a certain reason and trying to reduce it or remove it incorrectly may cause even further damages and pain. That is where hypnotherapy comes in handy. Hypnotherapy uses the technique of hypnosis to improve focus and the attention of the patient, while eliminating the pain and increasing his or her responsiveness towards positive commands which can re-programme their thoughts and feelings.