Breast Cancer And Women

Breast Cancer is known to be one of the common kinds of cancer occurring in women. As per a recent survey it is said that there are millions of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. And thanks to the change and the improvements in the medical field, the chances of the survival are increasing. However, it is a fact that the survival in case of breast cancer entirely depends upon the patient and the stage the cancer has been diagnosed.

Usually cancer is known to develop with the presence of the pre-cancerous changes which occur in the human body, and this is known to be a benign mammary dysplasia and papilioma ducts. In most severe cases, one can consult a well-known cosmetic surgeon in Sydney who can help further.

Diagnosis in the early stages would help in having a good and a swift course of treatment. There are a few patients who depend on the diagnosis which is made at home but that can, at times, get the patient into a life and death situation. Every woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer needs to go in for a regular check up and need to follow the instructions of the breast surgeon very carefully. Visit this link for more details on breast surgeon in 

Best ways to perform breast examination at home

• One needs to stand on front of the mirror and take a look at both the breasts. They need to appear normal in their size as well as the shape. There should be no misshapen areas and the nipple area should also look normal as it always does.

• Once done, now lift up the arms and check the breasts once again and check the same with the other normal postures as well.

• One needs to check if the breasts look normal or swollen or if there are any changes in the skin.

• One also needs to check if there are any kinds of lumps which are formed in the breasts or even if there are any changes in the nipples.

During the course of examination, if the patient encounters any of the symptoms, it is very important to consult a physician at the earliest. One need not panic but act at the right time and the right way. Any woman, who is doubtful of having a breast cancer, needs to take proper care with the consent of the doctor. And she also needs to examine the breasts regular to check if there are any changes which might occur.

As per the medical terminology there are two kinds of breast cancer. They are Non-invasive which are intratubular and are not invasive. The other kind is the infiltrative, which is known to be characterized by cell irregularities. The common kinds of this type of cancer are lobular carcinoma which is known to have the structure of the Paget’s disease.

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