Breakthroughs In General Dentistry In The Last Years

In almost every field the technology aims to implement the scientific knowledge in to practical use and same is true for the field of the dentist in Prahran. In the past dentistry was simple and it did not have the advanced methods and procedures that are used in modern age. Not only the quality of the care is increased but also the comfort for the patients have been increased. In this article, some of the breakthroughs are discussed which have been in the use in the past and some of these are still in the use.

Porcelain laminate veneers:

Dentist worked with many different dental laboratories when the age of the porcelain started to find out the ways to treat the teeth. The dentists had to make sure the steps to take to achieve the better results. This procedure gained popularity in no time and many adults underwent this procedure to improve their smiles. In this procedure, the enamel is removed from the teeth and that changes the appearance of the teeth in less than a week.

Teeth whitening procedure:

The teeth whitening has been in the dentistry for quite a time but the methods used a variety of chemicals and hard rubbing which were very uncomfortable and painful for the patient. These methods were then improved and now there is not one but variety of method to perform the whitening of the teeth either through laser or the chemicals. Not only this but there is tray whitening method which could also be done at home. Over the passage of the time the mindsets have been changed and now people are much more conscious about their oral health and smile and they want to improve it as much as they can.


The field of the dentistry which is related to the appearance of the teeth and smile is called the cosmetic dentistry. In this a procedure is not performed because the patient is suffering from any kind of the oral issue but it is performed to appear the appearance. Another breakthrough in the field of the cosmetic dentistry was the implants which were advanced and modernized and were very easy to place. There came the implants with different shapes and designs. These became this much common that the modern oral care considers the implants as the basic oral health standard.


In the past, there were no insurances for the dental procedures. The reason was fairly simple that no one in that age went to the dentist on the regular basis and the concept of the cosmetic dentistry was almost non-existent and therefore, there was no need to provide the insurance but when the health standards improved and people gained more awareness, they considered dentist visit as a regular check up to ensure that their oral health is fine and that their smile looks good. Due to which the insurance companies put the dental insurance in their plans.