4 Steps To Follow When Doing A Facial At Home

Usually, a facial will leave your skin looking healthy and smooth and is something every girl needs to do in order to have bright and flushed skin. While most girls will think that going to a salon or spa will give great results, it is also possible to get the same results from the comfort of your home. There are a few steps that you need to look in to before you get started. The basics steps are to thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate your skin first. Then using steam treatment to mask out any impurities from your pores and finally finishing off with a toner and moisturizer. This article will go through the initial steps;

Cleansing your face

As a first step, make sure to pull your hair back and tie it with a hairband so that hair does not fall in your face during the routine. Next use a facial cleanser that is right for your skin type to remove any dust, dirt or make up from your face. Using warm water is ideal as this is great for delicate skin. Most spas and salons will have expensive methods of doing these steps; they would also have advanced treatments for lip injections Newcastle that make smaller treatments such as facials more expensive. However, doing a facial at home can be just as effective if you follow the steps correctly. Using jojoba or almond oil to remove your makeup will leave your skin less damaged and looking fresh naturally.

Using an exfoliator or scrub

Your face is prone to look dull and unhealthy when dead skin cells build up. This is why using an exfoliator or a facial scrub will brighten up your skin instantly. Many women and even men tend to focus more on their bodies and weight thus going for treatments like fat freezing but think very little about taking care of your face too. Make it a daily habit to rub away dead skin using a good exfoliator. Visit this link http://www.newcastlecosmeticdoctor.com.au/services/skin-resurfacing-2/ for more info on fat freezing Newcastle.

Steam treatment

A good facial massage will help increase circulation thereby leading to brighter and healthier looking skin. So give yourself a slow but relaxing massage to your face before you move to the next phase of steam treatment. Steaming will help open your pores which draw out any impurities. After the steaming, tap it dry a little and then apply your favourite facial mask. Leave them on your skin for a few minutes till it dries completely and gently wash it off. You will be left with visibly clearer and brighter skin.