3 Reasons As To Why We Would Develop Sciatica

Sciatica is generally known or understood as the pain one would go through or experience due to the compression or the irritation of the sciatic nerve in our body. The sciatic nerve is found going through our spine which could be why some people often confuse this term with normal back ache and pain. This could easily result in aches and pains ranging from mild and small to extremely severe in our arms and also our lower legs as well. This issue is also related to other problems such as back pain and even neck pain as well. There are a lot of reasons as to why a person might develop sciatica and some reasons are not as mild as they would sound. To protect ourselves from sciatica or to get help to deal with the pain there could be various forms of treatments such as pain medication, therapy and even surgery.

Herniated disc

This is also called a bulging discs and is a contained disc disorder. When this happens in our body and a disc is bulging, the disc material can very easily rub or compress a nerve root which will then causes sciatica. Sciatica treatment could be done to help this and surgery is usually used in this case to help the patient. While this herniated disc can press tightly against a nerve root and cause a lot of pain, it can do worse. It contains a chemical that can be an irritant and this will end up also causing nerve inflammation.

Lumbar spinal stenosis

This too, like herniated disc, is known to be a nerve compression disorder but it usually affects more older individuals. When one is going through lumbar spinal stenosis they might experience aches and pains in their legs which is very similar to sciatica but this is usually positional and occurs when the individual tries standing or walking or other activities. Spinal nerve roots running through our body through passageways of bones and ligaments get compressed because the passageway gets clogged or narrow and that is what will result in sciatica. Patients are usually told to get a deep tissue massage or therapy massages as it is going to help.

The Spondylolisthesis

This is also a disorder that most commonly affects our lumbar spine. This happens when one vertebra manages to slip over an adjacent vertebra, when this occurs the misplaced vertebra is going to compress spinal nerve roots which will then cause leg pains which we know is sciatica. This can happen as a result of stressful behavior such as weight lifting.